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63 Square

Penguins are one of the highlights of 63 Sea World

63 Square is located in Yeouido-dong, Seoul and is currently the tallest building in Korea. As per its name, the building has 63 floors and the entire building is covered in reflective bronze coloured panels. You can see the building from quite far away as the building is situated very close to the riverfront. Depending on traffic, it is usually around an hour’s drive if you are within Seoul. It took around 45 minutes for us to reach there from Gyeongbokgung Palace with minimal traffic on a Wednesday.

Its ground floors and the 63rd floor is accessible to the public although you would have to pay an entrance fee to see their attractions. Most of their attractions are on the ground floors. If  I am not mistaken, only their Sky Art attraction is on the 63rd floor. To get to the 63rd floor you would have to take an elevator that is often cramped because of the amount of people. However, the elevator has a glass back that allows people to see the view of the river and other high rise ( the elevator is situated facing the river ) as you ascend and descend. The elevator ride is a few minutes’ ride.


63 Seaworld

63 Seaworld is supposedly the first urban large scale aquarium in Seoul although I have not been to any other aquariums in Seoul to compare it with. Some of their aquariums are big enough that people can swim in it comfortably as if they were in a pool. In fact, there is a show at certain times each day called Aqua Ballet Show where skilled swimmers swim with the fish and sharks as well as entertain visitors with water acrobatics. As for their aquarium, they have a large variety of fishes and sharks as well as otters, penguins and sea lion.

Another show that they have performing everyday is a little 15 minute drama skit about robbers and detectives that have sea lions performing called the Detective Seal Holms Show. To be honest, the skit was very entertaining and it certainly was a very unique way of using sea lions as entertainers rather than the normal tricks we usually see. Other shows include Penguin Feeding Show, Diver Feeding Show, Aqua Magic Show and Harbor Seal Show. Petting pools are set aside for those who wish to touch the fish which is good for entertaining young children.


63 Wax Musuem

The second popular attraction at 63 Square is the 63 Wax Musuem. Although in terms of accuracy and quality of work Madame Tussauds is probably better, it is nevertheless an interesting place. Like Madame Tussauds, they do have displays of actual-sized wax dolls of celebrities however there are more dolls of famous painters,classical musicians and political figures.


63 Sky Art Gallery

Lastly, the attraction that you should take the time to go is the 63 Sky Art Gallery. It is said to be the highest art gallery in the world. Because of all the paintings up there, you can not take any pictures of the room itself but you can take pictures of the view up there. They have full glass window panes where you can have an almost 360 degrees view of Seoul. The view of the Han River with all its many bridges is especially popular amongst photographers. Just about anyone with a camera will take a photo of the view.

Other attractions at 63 Square are the 63 Art Hall which is divided into two segments – the Performance Hall where they have performances of plays from Korean masterpieces and the IMAX 3D Theater although I did not personally get to see them as we did not have time for it. I shall be posting a scan of 63 Square Guide Maps once I have found a reliable file hosting service. Wish me luck!


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