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Nami Island Part 2

Statues at Nami Wharf

Nami Island is first and foremost an island that promotes eco-friendly concepts everywhere. There are no electric wires or poles above ground at all so it does not ruin the view of all the flora and fauna. At night, they switch off all the lights so you can see the night sky very clearly. It is really a place for those who suffer from work stress. You can literally feel the nature especially if you go to the outskirts of the island where few visitors deem to walk.

The first thing that you will see when you disembark from the ferry are the necessary amenities like convenience stores, restrooms, a nursing room, a tourism office and a first aid center. You will find that their amenities are scattered quite evenly around Nami Island and can be found at even the most remote places on the island so no worries on that part.

First Kiss Bridge at Yeonryeonji pond

After walking past all the amenities, my family and I came across General Nami’s tomb where there were literally hundreds of stones scattered on the site. Visitors are not allowed anywhere near the place except a photo spot that was set up for visitors who wish to take photos. Just a few meters past the tomb will be the Nami Wharf train station. Tourists can choose to get on the train or walk the 10 minutes towards the island center. The train goes right to the island center where all the shops and restaurants are as the central train station is there. After that, it will go back to the Nami Wharf train station. The train is one of UNICEF’s fundraising projects and is appropriately named Charity Train.

Glass sequoia at Fist Kiss Bridge

The train is 2000 won/one way. All proceeds are given to charity if I am not mistaken.

Behind the Nami Wharf train station is The Song Musuem where there is a Live Cafe called Sun & Moon as well as an ampitheater. However, we decided to bypass it and make our way to the island center.

Grassy plains for animals

My family and I opted not to take the train and it was lucky that we did otherwise we would have missed all the art exhibitions along the way. To get to the island center, we had to walk down a lane called Central Korean Pine Tree Lane. As per its name, the lane is lined with pine trees all the way. It was this lane that had all these art projects, recycle projects, charity posters and even posters of all the different countries that contributed to the tree planting in Nami Island. Judging by the amount of countries featured, I would not be surprised if 80% of all the trees you find in Nami Island was a donated tree.

Winter Sonata First Kiss handmade sign

After about 10 minutes walk, you will see a pond on your left called Yeonryeonji. The pond is not very large and has a bridge connecting to the other side. However, the bridge itself is the first Winter Sonata drama scene you will come across. The bridge is called First Kiss Bridge and has glass sequoia along the bridge. When we tried to take photos on the bridge, we literally had to wait our turn because there were so many tourists re-enacting the exact scene from the drama on the bridge.

Sign post of Winter Sonata First Kiss drama scene

Just after the bridge on the other side of the pond is the Eco farm. This is where the animals such as ostriches, rabbits and squirrels are left to roam free. Of course, tourists are advised to watch their belongings and their appendages as there is nothing between you and the animal bar a chest high rickety wooden fence. For those who are brave enough to pet the animals, water taps with hand sanitizers are provided within the farm.

Fake snowman on First Kiss table

Once you are have walked past the eco farm, you will come across a grassy plain with a few straw huts in the shape of a cone.  We walked past all the huts until we reached the water’s edge. It is here that we found important Winter’s Sonata drama scene number 2 – Winter Sonata First Kiss – where there is a wooden picnic table with a fake white mold of two snowmans on top of it. Supposedly, in the drama the lovers made two snowmans on top of the table during winter. So, just like the bridge, we had to wait our turn to sit at the table for photos. Unfotunately, the queue here was quite a bit longer.


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