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Nami Island Part 3

Winter Sonata drama gallery

There are three “villages” in Nami Island called Love Village and Happiness Village. Love village has all the restaurants and shops. It is the main stop for all the visitors as it is where the train stops. Happiness Village has more art shops and workshops.

At Love Village, it is possible to rent many different transportation for those who cannot or do not want to walk.


Bicycles for rent


Single Serve – 3000 won for 30 min

Couple Serve – 5000 won for 1 hour

Family serve – 10,000 for 30 min

Sky bike:

12 years old and under – 2000 won

13 years and over – 3000 won

Sky Bike at Love Village, Nami Island

Electric Tri Way:

10,000 won for 30 min

18,000 for 1 hour

Namycar: 10,000 won for 30 min (per person)

* Operation hours : 9:00 – 18:00


Charity train – 2000 won/ one way

Baby carriage – 3000 won/per day

Wheelchair – free

Cho-ok House at Love Village

At Happiness Village, one of the the attractions is the Cho-ok House. This particular house was once used as a dormitory and was used as a waiting room for productions staffs during the filming of Winter Sonata. Now it is more commonly used as and atelier for various artists.

THEME GARDENS                    

Nami Island has many theme gardens, too many to list down. The most memorable one for me was the Cheongpungwon Garden. As it was summer, there was an abundant growth of cute little white flowers called Baby’s Breath. It was literally a field of Baby’s Breath.

Baby’s Breath at Cheongpungwon Garden


Most of Nami Island’s lodging is in Dream Village. They have all kinds of accommodation from normal suites to riverside chalets. However, lodging is very limited and quite expensive in Nami Island. Most visitors prefer to stay at the mainland as it is cheaper and easier to get rooms.

Main Building

Suite Room ( 4 persons): 150, 000 won ( Normal ) or 120,000 won (discounted)

Theme/Artist/Gallery Room ( 2 persons ): 99,000won( Normal ) or 77,000 won ( discounted)

Korean Ondol Room ( 3 persons ): 120,000 won ( Normal ) or 99,000 won ( discounted)

Condo-style Bungalows

Anemone ( 10 persons ): 270,000 won ( normal) or 210,000 won ( discounted )

Begonia/Cosmos ( 10 persons ): 250,000 won ( normal) or 200,000 won ( discounted )

Dahlia (14 persons): 380,000 won ( normal) or 300,000 won ( discounted )

Edelweiss ( 14 persons): 380,000 won ( normal) or 300,000 won ( discounted )

Freesia ( 5 persons ): 160,000 won ( normal) or 130,000 wom (discounted )

Gangbyeon Villa (7 persons ): 240,000 won ( normal or 190,000 won ( discounted )

Hut Villa ( 7 persons ): 220,000 ( normal ) or 170,000 won (discounted)

2+2 Cottages

2 persons : 110,000 won ( normal) or 88,000 won (discounted)

*Normal room charge applies during holiday seasons 7/15-8/30  &  12/23-30, 2012.

*Normal room charge also applies on Fridays, Saturdays and the day before a holiday.

Discounted room charge applies from Sunday to Thursday

*Cooking allowed in Con-style Bungalows

*Tax included in fare.


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