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Nami Island Souvenirs

There are quite a few items that you can buy in Nami Island for souvenirs. The souvenir shops are full of lacquered jewelry boxes, miniature sculptures, postcards, fridge magnets, stationery and Winter Sonata drama-related items. Although I will not list all of the items sold there, I will post a link to the most popular souvenir shops’ website so you can check it out.

Nami Snowman souvenir


One of the first things I wanted to get was something related to the Winter Sonata drama since it is apparently anything featuring the drama is selling like hot cakes! I have never even watched Winter Sonata ( although I have heard of it ) but nevertheless I knew the basics of the drama and since I was already in Nami Island, I might as well get the Winter Sonata souvenir right from the source while I can.

So, the first item that caught my fancy was a cute little snowman wearing a snow cap and scarf with the words Nami eked out at the bottom. The snowman was made out of white plaster and and its features were painted on. The scarf and cap is glued on I think and they come in many different patterns. Unfortunately, I could not find a pair of snowmen that looked like the one they recreated for their filming scene in the drama. Maybe I should have given them a suggestion! The snowman that I bought was around 60,000 won if I am not mistaken and the attendant wrapped it very well. I was concerned about packaging it properly so it would survive my plane trip back

Packaging box for Nami Snowman – all eco friendly.

home in one piece. I’ve even posted a picture of the box bag they gave my to carry it. It was very unique, eco friendly and made it easy for me to carry it around.


Anyways, the next souvenir that I bought was a Winter Sonata postcard. It featured a very popular pose of the lovers in front of the Meta sequoia lane which is one of the filming locations. I love collecting postcards of places I have been so this was a must have. I wanted postcards of Nami Island views but I could not find any, only in the form of hanging pictures. But, I am quite

Winter Sonata drama postcards

happy with the postcard I bought. It cost 5000 won a packet so it was quite cheap.

The last item I bought was a necklace with snowman pendant similar to my first souvenir. I bought matching pairs for my sister and I to wear. It cost 10,000 won each and was one of the cheapest jewelry they sold ( not that they sold a lot to begin with ). There were a number of books for sale as well but I had forgotten to pick some up on my way back which was a shame. I did however, browse through their collection and there were a fair few that were on sale. Some of their books were on the history of Nami Island, books on various eco and charity projects and of course, books on Winter Sonata drama.

Necklace with snowman pendant (sorry for the blurred images!)

Whatever you decide to buy, if you buy anything at all, please keep in mind that all the stores participate in their eco projects and each store contributes a portion of their profits to various charities that are held there very year. So please, do not feel bad about buying souvenirs. It is all for a good cause.


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