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Nami Island Souvenirs

There are quite a few items that you can buy in Nami Island for souvenirs. The souvenir shops are full of lacquered jewelry boxes, miniature sculptures, postcards, fridge magnets, stationery and Winter Sonata drama-related items. Although I will not list all of the items sold there, I will post a link to the most popular … Continue reading

Top Travel Tip #2 – No Sim Card? Rent a Handphone

For those who are planning on visiting Seoul, here is a valuable tip – Seoul DOES NOT have any sim cards for sale. Whereas other countries that I have visited do sell sim cards for phones, Seoul however does not ( at least not for tourists I think). Instead, one has to rent a handphone … Continue reading

Bukchon Hanok

If you wish to see something truly historic in Seoul without having to go far or pay anything, you should take your time to check out Bukchon Hanok. A LITTLE HISTORY This small village once used to be a village for the elite so to speak, where only the aristocrats of the society lived. In … Continue reading

Star Avenue

My family and I saw this particular attraction by luck as we were passing by to get to the main Myeondong shopping area. Basically, it is a wall of fame of some sort that features famous current Korean pop stars. It is actually quite interesting as they have large HD interactive screens featuring sketches of shooting … Continue reading

Petite France

If you are headed to Nami Island, you might wish to stop at Petite France for a visit. Petite France lies along the lakeside road from Cheongpyeong Dam in the direction of Nami Island. If you travel along that road for about 10 km, you will see a cluster of white washed buildings to your … Continue reading

Nami Island Part 3

There are three “villages” in Nami Island called Love Village and Happiness Village. Love village has all the restaurants and shops. It is the main stop for all the visitors as it is where the train stops. Happiness Village has more art shops and workshops. At Love Village, it is possible to rent many different transportation … Continue reading

Top Travel Tip #1 – The Black Taxi

There are many taxis in Seoul. Many taxis with many different colours. However, please stay far away from the black coloured taxi. Even if it was the only taxi around, do not take it. Why not you ask? Because the black taxi, also known as the executive taxi, is THE most expensive taxi in Seoul. … Continue reading

Nami Island Part 2

Nami Island is first and foremost an island that promotes eco-friendly concepts everywhere. There are no electric wires or poles above ground at all so it does not ruin the view of all the flora and fauna. At night, they switch off all the lights so you can see the night sky very clearly. It … Continue reading

Strange Statue in Nami Island

Ok, I did not want this topic mixed in with my main Nami Island post so I am posting this in a separate post. This serves as a somewhat funny warning/heads up for those who visit Nami Island. In the entire island, I have not seen a larger or stranger statue than the one in … Continue reading

Nami Island Part 1

ORIGIN OF NAMI ISLAND Nami Island was named after General Nami, a notable figure in Korean history who died at the age of 26 after being accused of treason during the Joseon dynasty. Later, according to my tour guide, it was found that the good general was actually innocent. Although Nami Island was supposed to … Continue reading

63 Square

63 Square is located in Yeouido-dong, Seoul and is currently the tallest building in Korea. As per its name, the building has 63 floors and the entire building is covered in reflective bronze coloured panels. You can see the building from quite far away as the building is situated very close to the riverfront. Depending … Continue reading

Everland Theme Park

Everland Theme Park is, according to my tour guide, the largest theme park in South Korea. It boasts a main theme park that includes a mini zoo called Zoo Topia where animals are kept and bred in captivity. The theme park is only a small part of the Everland franchise with Caribbean Bay ( a water … Continue reading

Coral Wonderland

Operating hours: Monday – Friday = 11am – 9.30pm Weekend, Public Holidays & School Holidays = 10.30 am – 9.30pm

Botanical Garden Buggy Ride

LOCATION Located just before the Melaka Wonderland and 2 km away from Ayer Keroh Country Resort, It is surprisingly easy to find as you can see their billboard sign right before the turning.

Ayer Keroh Country Resort Melaka

HOTEL INFO Tel: +606 232 5211 Fax: +606 232 0422


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