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Nami Island Part 3

There are three “villages” in Nami Island called Love Village and Happiness Village. Love village has all the restaurants and shops. It is the main stop for all the visitors as it is where the train stops. Happiness Village has more art shops and workshops. At Love Village, it is possible to rent many different transportation … Continue reading

Nami Island Part 2

Nami Island is first and foremost an island that promotes eco-friendly concepts everywhere. There are no electric wires or poles above ground at all so it does not ruin the view of all the flora and fauna. At night, they switch off all the lights so you can see the night sky very clearly. It … Continue reading

Nami Island Part 1

ORIGIN OF NAMI ISLAND Nami Island was named after General Nami, a notable figure in Korean history who died at the age of 26 after being accused of treason during the Joseon dynasty. Later, according to my tour guide, it was found that the good general was actually innocent. Although Nami Island was supposed to … Continue reading


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