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Top Travel Tip #2 – No Sim Card? Rent a Handphone

For those who are planning on visiting Seoul, here is a valuable tip – Seoul DOES NOT have any sim cards for sale. Whereas other countries that I have visited do sell sim cards for phones, Seoul however does not ( at least not for tourists I think). Instead, one has to rent a handphone … Continue reading

Top Travel Tip #1 – The Black Taxi

There are many taxis in Seoul. Many taxis with many different colours. However, please stay far away from the black coloured taxi. Even if it was the only taxi around, do not take it. Why not you ask? Because the black taxi, also known as the executive taxi, is THE most expensive taxi in Seoul. … Continue reading


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Will try my very best to write a post a day for a week. After that, I'll slowdown to 3-4 posts a week. Wish me luck!

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